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Classes Offered

I offer both group and private classes for people of all ages. I am available to teach in the Davis, Sacramento, and Folsom Area, as well as the Bay Area, including the cities of Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, and Berkeley. 

When choosing a class,

it is important to choose one that best fits your needs

Why Private Lessons?

  • Pace: Everyone learns at a different pace, and with a private instructor, a person can learn the fundamentals of playing at their own pace.

  • Customized class: The class can be set up in a way where a student’s specific needs are met. The instructor can prepare tailor-made lessons for you.


  • Focus: The entire class time is focused on you. You can ask the teacher for as much correction and as many explanations as you want without worrying about the other students in the class.

Why Group Lessons?

  • Motivation: In many cases, a student in group lessons will observe what the other students are doing and desire to play as well as them. This positive peer pressure motivates students in group lessons to practice more frequently. Finally, students who learn to play comfortably in front of their peers will probably have an easier time managing their nerves during a recital or performance.


  • Person to Person Interaction: In a group class, students are all in it together. There is a feeling of kinship and a sense of belonging that one can attain in a group class that can lead to greater progress and provide support when one has struggles.


  • Pricing: Since the class involves more people, the cost of the class per student is in respect to this.


  •  Fun: A group class involves several individuals and even if you do not know those individuals during the start of the class, you will soon enough become good friends. The class soon becomes not only a learning place, but a time to laugh, share joy, and enjoy your class time.

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